The property

L’antico casale di San Lorenzo in Caglianuzzo originates from the small church of San Lorenzo, which, long ago, was situated within the boundaries of the Parish of San Cristoforo in Vagliagli (Siena).
There is scarce information regarding this church, which was donated by the Emperor of Germany Henry III to the bishop of Siena, Giovanni, a little before 1053. A document from the hospital of Siena, dated around 1250, confirms its existence as parish of the ancient rural village of Cagliano, and its rector was a certain Ser Cambio. Probably because of the wars of the 14th century and the infamous pestilence that decimated the population of the Tuscan country, the Parish of San Lorenzo in Caglianuzzo was abolished and the small church was integrated with the Parish of Vagliagli by which it was managed until its deconsecration after the last world war.
With time, other buildings were built next to the original church; altogether, after various renovations executed with respect to the ancient architectural style, they form the actual residential centre.